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DESCRIPTION: Trigger point injections are injections to the muscle belly. Injections are aimed at taut bands or areas of spasm within the muscle belly. Taut bands can be painful and the underlying cause of pain generation. Trigger point injections are diagnostic and therapeutic. If there is significant relief after trigger point injections, certainly one can consider that the muscle spasm is a pain generator. The injection consists of an anesthetic as well as an anti-inflammatory medication.

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DESCRIPTION: Electrodiagnostic studies are a diagnostic procedure to assess underlying neuropathic problems. EMG can be diagnostic for cervical or lumbar radiculopathy/pinched nerve, neuropathy, or distal nerve entrapment such as carpal tunnel syndrome. EMG/NCS can be helpful in determining acute versus chronic conditions and identifying neuropathic recovery. EMG/NCS are commonly used in conjunction with MRIs to correlate anatomical findings and neuropathic function.

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DESCRIPTION: Physical therapy services combine passive and active treatment. Passive treatments include a moist head pad, ice packs for analgesia; Ultrasound treatment for the production of heat at the muscle-bone interphase and stimulate blood flow; Electrostimulation to improve blood flow as well as muscle relaxation and analgesia; Massage treatment for muscle relaxation as well as analgesia to increase the extensibility of soft tissue. Active treatments include exercising and stretching as well as cardiovascular treatment to improve strength, range of motion as well as endurance. Physical therapy is a treatment as well as education and experience to learn how to do things on your own and eventually be progressed to a home exercise program.

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DESCRIPTION: Functional capacity evaluation is an assessment of physical function to identify physical capacity within safe parameters to prevent injury.

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DESCRIPTION: Occipital nerve is located in the back of the neck at the junction of the head. Occipital entrapments can occur with underlying spasms commonly causing occipital headaches. This can subsequently produce symptoms radiating to the top of the head as well as in the back of the eyes. Occipital blocks can be diagnostic and therapeutic for occipital neuralgia/occipital headaches.

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DESCRIPTION: Is a painless treatment using specific wavelengths of light to treat pain in the joints. It stimulates intracellular activity. Improves blood circulation, reduces swelling and relieves pain.